Justina Ndinelao Mwalinao Haihambo (Namibia)

MSc student

IHE Delft│Netherlands

Selection of appropriate sanitation technologies for flood-prone and high-water table areas in Bangladesh (Bangladesh)

Bangladesh experiences frequent floods with different magnitudes and intensities; for my research I visited the area in October 2013. After each flood, the number of people defecating in the open and falling sick increases. Latrines are the preferred sanitation option for their ease of construction, wide acceptance and (perceived) low costs. Yet, they are also the most prone to damage during floods. Therefore, my study aimed at selecting more suitable sanitation technologies for these areas. A decision support tool was used that was developed by a PhD student from the SaniUP project at IHE Delft (Fiona Zakaria). I discovered that while technically UD(D)T, biodegradable bags, and raised and floating latrines are options, in fact the choices depend on additional factors.

  • 2014│Selection of appropriate sanitation technologies for flood prone and high water table areas in Bangladesh
    MSc Thesis
    By Justina Ndinelao Mwalinao Haihambo
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