Ashish Shrestha (Nepal)

MSc student

IHE Delft│Netherlands & AIT│Thailand

Impact of climate change on urban flooding in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok (Thailand)

Urban drainage infrastructure is susceptible to extreme events now and in the future. In my research I analyzed the performance of urban drainage under the changing rainfall conditions due to climate change. I used a stochastic weather generator to project future climate conditions and then derived design storms. This information was then used to assess the performance of the system, using a coupled modelling approach with Mike Urban tools. My results showed that there will be an increase in the flood volume, flooded area and flood duration for future scenarios in comparison with the current conditions. The velocity and water depth remain the main hazard for the exposed population. Taking urban growth into account, this issue needs to be studied urgently.

  • 2013│Impact of climate change on urban flooding in Sukhumvit area of Bangkok
    MSc Thesis
    By Ashish Shrestha
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